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Stuttgart, Deutschland!

So Justin and I spent last weekend in Stuttgart, Germany for a concert (Heidenfest 2012 tour). We got there Friday afternoon and walked around a bit and found our hotel and the concert venue. Then we met up with Kevin Stockwell for dinner and drinks. On Saturday we walked around our neighborhood of Wangen and eventually went to the concert. Great concert! We went particularly for the headliner Wintersun (an absolute favorite of both of ours), but also Finntroll and Korpiklaani…think melodic death/folk metal from Scandinavia. There were some other bands, Eisregen, Varg, and less interesting Trollfest and Krampus. So at this metal fest we heard the usual band instruments, plus cow bells, tambourines, violins, bagpipes, accordions, and a saxophone…metal is surprisingly well rounded =).

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Here are some tracks from the bands if you are interested:

Another image added to the hidden animals post:


Hidden Animals

Can you find the Norwegian cat?


Can you find the Roman pup? Don’t be fooled by the statues of dogs in there…


Can you find the Stuttgart spider?

Can you find the Hiroshima pigeons?

Can you find the Capri goats?

Can you find the Paestum lizard?