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Weekend in Roma

We ventured to Rome again this year…just a weekend trip. There was a Pieter Bruegel il Vecchio art show with a few Hieronomous Boschs’ and Peter Paul Rubens’ thrown in the mix. Not bad. I barely made it in time for closing, and I happened to cut about 150 people and got a reduced fare somehow…can’t complain about that! I visited the Pantheon and briefly graced the Spanish Steps. Justin did not partake in the show or Pantheon, but we met up at the Spanish steps and went to a couple bars and hung out. Not much else to the weekend other than two long train/bus rides to and from Rome. Ciao!

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The Johnson Family Visits Naples

So the Johnsons were here for a week and a half. We wandered around downtown near the port and went to my art show in Castel Dell’Ovo. We went to Castel Del’Nuovo, Herculaneum aka Ercolano, and we climbed Mt. Vesuvius. We went underground Naples one night and walked through some Roman ruins underneath some housing that was illegally built on top, yet the city cannot remove the people and finish excavating.

The last weekend they were here we went up to Rome and saw the bone church (Santa Maria dell Concezione, used thousands of skeletons/various human bones to decorate 4 rooms…look it up online, they did not allow photos), Vatican City, Piazza dell Popolo (a main piazza in Angels and Demons), and Justin and I went into Doria Pamphilij Museum while the Johnson’s went to the Colosseum.

Most of the trips went smoothly, minus getting rained out for Capri the first weekend…which the Johnsons made up during the week while Justin and I were at work. My favorite thing was probably climbing Mt. Vesuvius…though seeing Deb’s reaction when entering the bone church was pretty priceless. Enjoy the proof of our past couple weeks:

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25th Birthday Week Visit 2011

This is written a little late, but I guess I needed a week to recuperate. My mom and dad and I (and sometimes Justin) did just about everything you could possibly want to do in and around Naples: Naples (downtown, Archaeological Museum, Capodimonte Art Museum, Nuovo Castle), Rome (Trevi fountain, Colosseum, Roman Forums), Capri, Pompeii, (no Mt. Vesuvius for my birthday due to rainy weather), Paestum, Amalfi Coast, and ate lots of pizza. Of course we mastered the walking, bus, train, and boat systems. It was a tiring week, but it was nice to have company and get out. Since we did so much I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

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Hidden Animals

Can you find the Norwegian cat?


Can you find the Roman pup? Don’t be fooled by the statues of dogs in there…


Can you find the Stuttgart spider?

Can you find the Hiroshima pigeons?

Can you find the Capri goats?

Can you find the Paestum lizard?