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Christmas in Kansas

Justin and I flew to Kansas for our Christmas break. Christmas is way more fun with family, without them it is just another day. Oh how glorious the colder weather and snow was! And reasonably priced delicious food! We are looking forward to moving back to the USA in a few months. We better get some visitors this time. In case you are unaware, our next duty station is Ft. Meade, Maryland.

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Spring Break 2013, USA! USA!

It has been a few weeks since spring break, but I’ve been awful lazy when I’m off work in the evenings. So I’m finally posting this. My spring break brought me from Naples to KC, almost got stuck in Munich b/c I didn’t have my official sojourners permit on me (oopsies). Then a road trip to TX with my folks for my cousin Kevin’s wedding.

One of my major things I wanted to do in the states was eat at all the places you can’t find in Naples. The pictures are really to make Justin jealous, as he was not able to get leave…I did not get pictures from every place, like no Chelly’s or Firehouse.

Also while in KC I cut 13″ off of my hair, my third major hair chop. I hung out with Andrew one night, went to Topeka to visit the Buscheids, and that’s all I can think of for now. It was really easy falling into a lazy/do nothing routine at home…like I never left.

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