Memorial Day Weekend 2013

Justin and I got some cheap plane tickets to Geneva…so that’s where we decided to go for the long weekend. We split up our weekend between Geneva, Switzerland and Chamonix, France.

Chamonix was a scenic little ski town with access to Mt. Blanc. Mt. Blanc is the tallest mountain in France. We were planning on going to the top, but sadly it had been rainy all week and it was too cloudy to see anything. Regardless, Chamonix was still the highlight of our weekend. We could see the frost line in the trees on the mountains all around us, that was pretty cool. We had a really good lunch which included escargot, rabbit, steak, and salmon. Neither of us had had escargot before and it was really really really really good…really. While we were eating it started to snow. So living in Naples where it flurries only once every 20 years makes you really want some good ol’ winter weather, so snow was a nice surprise. It was off season so we were able to stay in a nice resort hotel. We attempted the sauna…I did not like it so we left after a minute. Plus there were two French men in tiny bikini swim suits…so…awkward much? We hot-tubbed and swam in their outdoor heated pool.

Then we made our way back to Geneva to spend out the rest of our weekend. We arrived on Sunday afternoon, so there wasn’t much open. We walked around for a few hours and then took it easy for a bit, then walked around a bit more. Geneva is known for it’s fountain Jet d’Eau in Lake Geneva (shoots up 460 feet high). I think old town Geneva was nice, scenic and neat architecture. We visited CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN is an international organization whose purpose is to operate the world’s largest particle physics laboratory). Lastly, the Geneva airport had amazing sandwiches.

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