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An evening in Sorrento

I took a bus to Sorrento yesterday with Trish, a friend of Kevin Stockwell’s who just moved here to Naples. We visited an inlaid wood workshop and sampled lots of limoncello…those are the local specialties. We had a gloriously large 2 hour and 15 minute dinner which included bruschetta, tons of cheese, a beefy calamari pasta, a sausage zucchini pasta, a stuffed pepper, and red wine (the cheese and the sausage zucchini pasta were my favorites).

We strolled up and down streets filled with little shops of sandals, tourist stuff, limoncello, inlaid wood, cafes, etc. I took two videos, one of us heading towards the main Piazza and the other at a pizza vending machine. The vending machine drew in quite the crowd of Italians and tourists, as no one had ever tried or seen one before. The one of us walking is not too interesting of a video, but I’d like to note the “Over the Rainbow” song the accordion player played at 1:20…go Kansas! There were a lot of tourists, we heard a fair amount of English and even walked behind a Russian speaking family for a few minutes.

I’d say Sorrento is a nice place to visit once or twice, so I can officially check it off my (non-existent) list of places to go. I guess the highlights of the evening were the views from the bus on the way there, the lovely weather as we ate our dinner outside at the restaurant, and the “Let’s Pizza” machine.

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