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This is not a movie…Questo non è un film

This is one of the most viewed videos here, I really can’t tell you much about it, other than it takes place in Naples.



“A silent war is reaping dozens of victims.
Only a few heroes will remain on the field to fight it.

Beings from distant planets show their dark side, forcing the Indians to leave their reserves. But under the blows of hatred that divides the races, love will find its place, until the discovery of a mysterious director’s chair will be able to change the fate of the protagonists. And the hundreds of people.”

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25th Birthday Week Visit 2011

This is written a little late, but I guess I needed a week to recuperate. My mom and dad and I (and sometimes Justin) did just about everything you could possibly want to do in and around Naples: Naples (downtown, Archaeological Museum, Capodimonte Art Museum, Nuovo Castle), Rome (Trevi fountain, Colosseum, Roman Forums), Capri, Pompeii, (no Mt. Vesuvius for my birthday due to rainy weather), Paestum, Amalfi Coast, and ate lots of pizza. Of course we mastered the walking, bus, train, and boat systems. It was a tiring week, but it was nice to have company and get out. Since we did so much I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

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