Bicycle Time!

We got sparkly new bikes. They are green. We have to wear helmets when on base, and that is where we came from. We are located in our driveway for this picture. The automatic timer went off a little earlier than expected, so we weren’t quite ready to “say cheese” (if you can’t tell). And also if you can’t tell we had just eaten our first gelato’s since we’ve been here in Naples at the ice cream shop on base. Justin had pistachio and I had frutta di bosco.


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2 responses to “Bicycle Time!”

  1. Jenny Scheid says :

    Love it! I don’t see the gelato, though. When are you opening Jenny’s Gelato? What was the other thing you were going to sell there? Fireworks? I don’t remember. Hope you guys are doing well and learning lots of Italian so we can use you as tour guides when we come!

  2. jsbj says :

    Yea, we didn’t take a picture of the gelato, you just have to believe gelato is in our bellies in the photo.

    Yes, fireworks was the other thing on my stand. Actually, fireworks are really popular here in my neighborhood. Especially during warmer weather they shoot off fireworks every night. There are no firework laws here, so large scale fireworks have been shot off often one street from my house. It’s kind of neat, but it has slowed down since the summer.

    As for learning Italian…ehh…we are really lazy and haven’t done much of that. We’ll still be tour guides though, just not very good bilingual ones. =)

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